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                         Ophthalmology Service

Mission:  To provide the best quality care for treatment of medical and surgical eye conditions, illnesses, diseases and injuries appropriate for a broad-spectrum general ophthalmologist

Vision Statement:  To treat all ages with genuine care.  Provide well-trained surgeons, technicians, administrative and other staff.  Provide the best quality of technology (equipment, procedures) and give the best quality care in our field.

Patient Population: Care will be provided to all eligible beneficiaries.  Pediatric patients and certain complex cases will be referred to civilian providers in the TRICARE network.

 Provide diagnosis and treatment for the following Eye conditions: glaucoma, cataracts, neuro-ophthalmology, medical retina, surgical oculoplastics for functional deficiencies, emergent care for traumatized eye, external eye diseases.

We provide supplementary testing: visual fields, topography, fundus photography, fluoroscein angiography and ocular ultrasound.               

We provide surgical treatments: cataract removal, lid correction, lacrimal exploration and correction, LASIK and PRK.

Hours of Service: 0715-1600 Hours, Monday through Friday.  An Ophthalmologist is on-call 24hrs daily

Services beyond capability: All general Ophthalmology services are in the scope of services for the Ophthalmologists assigned to EACH.  Certain Ophthalmology sub-specialties (such as pediatric ophthalmology) will be  be referred to the appropriate civilian provider.

To get an appointment, you must be referred to Ophthalmology by your primary care provider.

  Eye Services
Bldg 7500
Room 1300
(719) 526-7450

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