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Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Training Program

68K Medical Laboratory Technician Courses

The Medical Laboratory Technician - Certificate (MOS 68K) course is the Initial Entry Training (IET) for Army recruits who plan to pursue the clinical laboratory sciences career field.  The educational prerequisites for the 68K course are a GT score of 110 and have a minimum of one year of high school chemistry and algebra with a "C" average or better.

This course (68K) provides graduates with entry-level knowledge and technical skills in clinical laboratory sciences to include the disciplines of clinical chemistry, urinalysis, hematology, immunology, blood bank (immunohematology) and microbiology (bacteriology, mycology and parasitology). Additional instruction is provided in the areas of mathematics, ethics, anatomy and physiology, safety and administration.

The course is organized into two phases; a 26 week didactic Phase I portion at the Army Medical Department Center and School's (AMEDD C&S) Academy of Health Science at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio; and a 26 week clinical Phase II portion at one of the many accredited Army Medical Treatment Facilities. Phase I consists of approximately eight weeks of lecture and laboratory in each of the following subject areas: clinical chemistry, blood bank and hematology, and microbiology. During Phase II, the student completes a clinical rotation in each major subject area, refining necessary psychomotor and interpretive skills through hands-on training in a clinical setting.

Clinical affiliates, or Phase II sites, are provided standard administrative and technical documents prepared by the AMEDDC&S for training the MLT students. The documents provide guidance on student administration, evaluation, clinical training requirements and reference on didactic material covered in Phase I. Regular communication between the AMEDDC&S and the Phase II sites is performed to clarify issues and ensure standard training.

The MLT course accreditation was granted by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) in the spring of 1997.  The accreditation ensures the course meets "industry standards" of quality and produces professional graduates of a standard entry level competency.  Completion of this NAACLS accredited program also allows the students eligibility for all national personnel certification exams.

Students who maintain a 2.5 GPA receive a certificate of completion and are awarded 60 semester hours from the program affiliate, George Washington University. 

The Academy of Health Sciences and clinical affiliates are jointly committed to providing entry-level MLTs with the skills and knowledge necessary to support Department of Defense medical missions during peacetime or mobilization.

Students scheduled to complete their Phase II training at Ft. Carson, CO should report directly to Evans Army Community Hospital, Department of Pathology during duty hours or the MEDDAC CQ desk after duty hours. Students were provided a Welcome Letter in Phase I with additional information on contacting MLT NCO and should do so prior to arrival.

Phase II Trainer,  (719) 526-6225/DSN 691-6225, Fax (719) 526-3772/DSN 691-3772.

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