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Point of Care Testing

Laboratory testing performed by clinics, wards and services is referred to as "point of care testing" or "waived testing".  These tests fall into several categories - minimally complex, moderately complex and provider performed microscopy.  At Evans the point of care testing program is the overall responsibility of the Deputy Commander for Clinical Services (DCCS), with daily oversight of the program the responsibility of the Department of Pathology.  

Only tests that have been approved by the Food & Drug Administration may be utilized.  Permission to perform point of care testing must be obtained from the DCCS via the Department of Pathology before any testing begins.  No new testing methods may be implemented without first obtaining approval of the DCCS via the Department of Pathology.  

The following link is to the hospital regulation covering point of care testing.  Please read and become familiar with this regulation.

MEDDAC Reg 40-31-2

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