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Authorized Point of Care Laboratory Tests at USA MEDDAC

Minimally Complex

Do not use any other products other than those listed here!

  • Whole Blood Glucose
  • Rapid Group A Strep
  • Urine Dipsticks
  • Urine Pregnancy Test
  • Fecal Occult Blood

Moderately Complex 

  • Cholesterol (by Reflotron)

Provider Performed Microscopy

Only physicians, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, physician assistants and dentists may perform these tests.

  • Fern Test
  • KOH
  • Wet Prep
  • Gram Stain
  • Microscopic Exam of Urine Sediment
  • Nitrazine

Disclaimer:  Use of the above laboratory test kits by USA MEDDAC does not constitute an endorsement of these products or their manufacturer.  This information is provided for USA MEDDAC staff to aid in compliance with regulations.

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