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Patient Travel and Medical Evacuation


Health, Morale, and Welfare official calls
Long distance telephone access within the USA will be given to soldiers who meet "wounded in combat" status.  This capability is temporary and will only apply if you are admitted as Wounded in combat to Evans Army Community Hospital.  The call must be limited to 15 minutes.  Call the nurse desk and say you would like to make a morale call.  The nurse will call the operator and the operator will connect you to the number you are calling.  Only prefix (526, 524, 503) from the ward will be accepted.   

$250 Clothes Voucher Program
Some soldiers are authorized the procurement of civilian clothing attire as a result of illness of injury incurred or aggravated while on active duty in support of OEF.  This is a one time authorization of civilian clothing from the servicing AAFES up to $250.  The primary purpose for this authorization is to provide clothing to wear during evacuation to your home station.  Therefore, the majority of Soldiers that arrive at Fort Carson will not be eligible for these funds since you will now be at your home station or because you have already received it from another Military Treatment Facility.  The authorization letter will be provided by the Patient Administration Division if it is authorized.  Receipts must be presented to the PAD NCOIC when the purchase is complete.  

Gratuitous Uniform Issue for Operation Enduring Freedom
Soldiers who were medically evacuated due to injuries suffered in combat actions and returned to the States without all or part of their military clothes are authorized to receive a partial gratuitous issue of his/her basic clothing bags items.  Your unit will provide a DA 3078 to the Patient Administration Division on your behalf.  The Chief or NCOIC of PAD will validate your 3078 and return it to your unit at which time it will be given to you to purchase uniform items at clothing sales.  

Actions upon Discharge or Release from Evans Army Community Hospital
Upon being discharged or released from this facility, report immediately to your unit or the WTU to receive a checklist of reverse of SRP requirements which must be completed.  If you are concerned about any lost baggage from your medical evacuation, be sure to let the PAD NCOIC or the Air Evac clerk know this prior to departing the hospital.  If you have been given convalescent leave, be sure to complete a DA Form 4444-R prior to going on leave to stop deployment entitlements.  Failure to do so will result in a later collection from your pay of all erroneously received entitlements. 

Gaining Post Exchange and Commissary privileges (WTU Soldiers Only)
In order for family members who do not possess valid ID cards to be authorized PX and Commissary privileges, the following procedures must take place:
1.  If possible, the Soldier must accompany the family member that he/she would like to request privileges for the PX and Commissary to BLDG 1217, Directorate of Community and Activity (DCA) at 526-5601.
2.  Determination for authorizing privileges for the PX and Commissary will be done by the DCA.
3.  If the agent letter is approved it will be good for up to (1) year.  

Points of Contact  
1.  Patient Administration, Evans Army Community Hospital
                  a.  Admissions:  526-7287
                  b.  NCOIC:  526-7142   

Helpful Agencies
El Pomar Emergency Military Assistance Fund:  Soldiers who are medically evacuated due to injuries suffered in combat actions and returned as an inpatient may be able to receive Emergency Military Funds to off set the expenses incurred by family members for airfare and lodging. The Soldier Family Assistance Center also assists in financial matters for WTU, IDES, and Purple Heart recipients.  For more information, POC is Mrs. Nancy Matville at (719) 526-0300.  1SG or Commander must write a letter of financial need. 
Home Front Cares:  This agency provides emergency financial assistance to all Active Duty Soldiers and activated Reservists and Guardsmen in the Pikes Peak Region.  They can assist with travel and lodging expenses as well.  For assistance, POC is Mrs. Amy at (719) 434-1501.
Air Trans:  This airline provides free airline tickets to family members of Soldiers hospitalized due to injuries received in support of OND or OEF.  Soldiers interested in this service should inform the Patient Movement Coordinator at Evans Army Community Hospital at 526-7349.  The tickets are limited to the routes Air Trans flies (they do not fly into Colorado Springs but do fly into Denver International Airport).


Convalescent Leave:  For convalescent leave after being admitted to EACH from theater, contact Mrs. Good at (719) 526-7349.

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