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Preventive Medicine Department > Services
Army Public Health Nursing > Self-Care Program > Available Medications



Patients Ages 2 and Older
 • Acetaminophen
   120mg (Tylenol Eq) Suppositories 12s
   160mg/5ml (Tylenol Eq) Suspension 120ml
   80mg (Tylenol Eq) Pediatric Chewable tablets, 30s

 • Ibuprofen Oral suspension 100mg/5ml (Children's

   Motrin Eq) 120ml
 • Saline 0.65% (Ayr Eq) Nasal drops/Spray, 15ml-Child

   A&D Ointment, 57gm
 • Calamine Lotion, 180ml
 • Carbamide (Debrox Eq) Otic drops , 15ml
 • Clotimazole (Mycelex Eq) topical Cream, 15gm
 • Hydrocortisone 1% Cream, 30gm
 • Triple Antibiotic (Neosporin Eq) Topical ointment 15gm








Limited to ONLY four medications per family per month.


View/Print Self-Care Medication Request


Present the Self-Care Medication Request above along with the Required Self-Care Card at ANY Fort Carson pharmacy to include the Premier Army Health Clinic.



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Building 2059

Corner of Magrath Ave.
and Yano St.
Fort Carson, CO  80913

719.526.2939 / 7152
Fax: 719.526.7181


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