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Radiation Safety


To ensure that all MEDDAC/DENTAC activities utilizing radioactive materials/ionizing radiation producing devices (1) keep radiation doses to workers, patients, and the general public As Low As Reasonably Achievable, and (2) are in compliance with Federal and Army regulations regarding the use of radioactive material/ionizing radiation producing devices.

Areas of Responsibilities
· Management of MEDDAC’s Nuclear Regulatory
     Commission (NRC) License
· CBRN Consultant
· Dosimetry and Bioassay Programs
· Radiation Safety Training
· Laser Safety Program
· Radiation Facility Shielding Analysis
· Radioanalysis Laboratory
· Radiological Area and X-ray Machine Surveys
· Radiological Patient Health Physics Support
· Radiological Program Reviews
· Radioactive Material Inventory, Transportation, and



Building 7500
1650 Cochrane Circle
Evans Army Community Hospital


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