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General Code Response Procedures

For all life/property threatening emergencies dial *46. When calling emergency personnel, stay on the line until all requested information is provided. Hang up only after you have been told.

As quickly as possible, people at the scene of an emergency must determine the basic incident facts (who, what, when, where, and how) and get this information to Plans, Training Mobilization and Security (PTMS). PTMS assesses the situation and if warranted will contact the hospital Command Group. Together they will assess the seriousness of the event and decide whether to activate the Medical Operations Center (MOC). 

MISSION: Evans Army Community Hospital will provide immediate medical care for emergency medical services to accident/disaster victims upon arrival at EACH to contain and minimize the extent of injuries and suffering.
CONCEPT OF OPERATIONS: Evans Army Community Hospital will respond to any emergency occurring on Fort Carson or Pinon Canyon Training site, and on order, the local community. Upon notification of incoming injured, Department of Emergency Medicine is the lead agent for EOP execution. All in-house assets will be made available for dedicated emergency medical services.
*Success will depend on speed and momentum. Leaders will act independently and in cooperation with other elements of the hospital, sharing information, materiel, and
*Leaders and subordinates will have the greatest possible freedom of action consistent with accomplishing the mission.
*Individual initiative, teamwork, and leadership from expected and unexpected sources will occur. Initial chaos will be overcome, unity of effort will prevail and the emergency will be contained and controlled.

****This is only a quick reference of the Emergency Operation Plan (EOP).

The full EOP can be found on the EACH Intranet****