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  MEDDAC Public Affairs Office    
  Bldg 7505, Room 221
1650 Cochrane Circle
Fort Carson, CO 80913
Business hours
Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed on Federal Holidays
  Contact information
  (719) 526-7473 or 526-0562
  Directions (to the clinic/service)
  The Public Affairs Office (PAO) is located on the second floor of the Evans hospital’s Headquarters/Administration building. The PAO entrance is in the Command waiting room. Visitors should park in the “H” parking lot (light blue signs) just south of the WSFCC.  
MEDDAC PAO - Promoting health and wellness by daily reaching into the LIFESPACE of our 72,000 enrolled TRICARE beneficiaries and to others around the world. The Public Affairs Office tells the USAMEDDAC-Fort Carson story through optimized internal and external communications/public affairs methods in support of the MEDCOM vision to strengthen the health of our Nation by improving the health of our Army.
  Primary services  
  The PAO conducts public affairs operations including office administration (personnel, security, plans & operations, logistics operations) and PA Program management. It manages the Department/Unit PA Representative Program, Emergency PA Operations, provides media training, special events support, and PA support to the Warrior Transition Battalion. The PAO also communicates and interacts with Media, including processing media queries, coordinating interviews, supporting and coordinating with higher headquarters PAOs, issuing media advisories, and escorting media. Office staff communicates with external-to-Army audiences through a variety of mass communications outlets, publications, social media and the Internet. PAO communicates with internal staff members, TRICARE beneficiaries, Army audiences and supports an environment that informs decision makers. Lastly, PAO engages external audiences to establish and maintain public understanding of MEDDAC’s contributions to the Army and nation.  
  Commonly asked Questions and Answers  
  Q:  How can I keep up with the latest Evans hospital announcements and health/medical information?  
    A:  PAO posts hospital announcements including new features, closures, educational classes and events AND useful and timely health/medical information on Facebook, Twitter and the MEDDAC Public Affairs News.  
  Q:  Who do I contact to register a praise, concern or complaint or if I have a question?  
    A:  You should call the appropriate clinic (see for numbers ) or you may call Patient Advocacy at (719) 526-7225. You can also submit an Interactive Customer Evaluation via hardcopy card while at the medical facility or online at .  
  Q:  How do I request a tour of the hospital for my group?  
    A:  We do not routinely conduct group tours of the hospital however will consider requests. Call the PAO (719) 526-7473 or the Adjutant 526-7500.  
  Q:  How do I get in touch with PAO after normal duty hours?  
    A PAO will only address urgent situations after normal duty hours. Call (719) 526-7500/7000 and speak to the officer on duty.  
  Q:  How do I contact Fort Carson Public Affairs?    
    A:  Call (719) 526-1269 or after hours (719) 526-5500/3400  
  Q:  Can I distribute my brochures or printed materials in the hospital?  
    A:  MEDDAC cannot allow general distribution of information or promotional materials from non-federal entity organizations within its facilities as that could imply federal government endorsement. For further clarification, call the PAO at (719) 526-7473.  
  The MEDDAC Public Affairs Office alone has the authority to receive and staff media requests and queries regarding this command, its activities and personnel. Direct all media inquiries regarding the MEDDAC or Evans Army Community Hospital AND requests for interviews to the MEDDAC Public Affairs Office during normal business hours. Fort Carson is a non-public news gathering forum and as such, all civilian media must have approval and an escort prior to entering Fort Carson. After this initial coordination, the PAO will meet and escort civilian media from Fort Carson’s Main Gate (1).

This Web site provides an overview of the U.S. Army Medical Department - Fort Carson and Evans Army Community Hospital.
It is intended for interested members of the public, news media and U.S. military beneficiaries.
Last Modified 22 November, 2016