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Mammography/Cindy Fowler Breast Clinic
Scheduling number: 719-526-7886 or 719-526-2273
Our new Breast Imaging Clinic is fully outfitted with digital mammography capabilities.  With the conversion to full digital mammography, your appointments are three times faster than before while increasing the high quality standard of care that you are used to receiving.  The shorter appointments reduce the amount of time you need to take out of your busy schedule for this very important exam. 

What is Mammography?  
Mammography is a specific type of imaging that uses low dose x-rays to examine breasts.  A mammography exam, also called a mammogram, is used to help in the early detection and diagnosis of breast disease.

Mammography Suite
In keeping with the recommendations of the American Cancer Society, we recommend yearly screening mammograms beginning at the age of 40.  If you feel a new or unusual lump during your monthly breast self exam, have nipple discharge, dimpling or puckering of the skin on your breast, or any other irregularities please consult with your physician to have them prescribe a mammogram before your annual exam is due.

We care about the time you spend with us, so to help optimize that, we are able to schedule your mammogram, Pap smear and bone densitometry (DEXA) all on the same day.  Just call 719-526-CARE (2273) to schedule your mammogram and Pap smear.  After your mammogram we can work you in for your bone densitometry.  If you feel more comfortable with a bone densitometry appointment then you can always call Nuclear Medicine at 719-526-7350 to set that up.

To help fit a mammography exam into your busy schedule we offer mammograms as late as 5:15PM, Monday through Fridays, in addition to Saturday appointments between 8:00AM and 3:00PM.

After your mammogram is completed, notification of your results will be mailed to you within two weeks.  If 30 days or more have elapsed since your exam and you have not received your results please call the Cindy Fowler Breast Clinic at 719-526-7886.

How do I prepare for my Mammography exam?
Below are some of the exams performed here and their required preparation.  If your exam is not listed or you have further questions please contact us at 719-526-7886 for guidance.


Digital Stereotactic Breast Core Mammotomy and Biopsy

Needle Localization prior to Surgical Biopsy

Follow up breast imaging for Core Biopsies, Surgical Biopsies and related breast concerns
Please do not wear any deodorant, powders or lotions in the underarm or chest area on the day of your scheduled mammogram.  These products could mimic certain signs of early breast cancer or other abnormalities.


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Last Modified 21 April, 2016