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Warrior Family Medicine Clinic

Location: Fort Carson, 2nd floor of Evans Army Community Hospital (Bldg 7500)

Hours:  7:00AM-4:00PM Monday - Friday

Contact Number: 719-526-9277


PCMH provides accessible, family-centered, comprehensive care. PCMH focuses on the whole person! That means prevention, early intervention and management of health!

We are NOT patient centered, unless YOU say we are patient centered!


Make appointments 24/7 online at TRICAREONLINE.COM


Call the Access to Care Line for advice at 719-524-2273


Use the self care sheets below to manage your needs until it is time for your appointment, or go to,, or to find out how to provide the best care for your medical need.


Referred to Evans or Air Force Academy? Call the Patient Appointment Line at 719-526-CARE (2273) after two working days to schedule your appointment.

Referred to civilian network? You will receive a letter from TriWest within 10 working days.

You can call us for a medication refill, laboratory and or radiology results. No need to make another appointment!! We return your phone calls in no later than 3 business days. Call 719-526-9277

Self Care Sheets: Back Pain, Pediatrics, Rash, Sore Throat and Urination


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