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Environment Of Care

Environment of Care  (719-526-7371) 

The Environment of Care includes seven Management Plans designed to help ensure that patients, staff, and others coming in to the facilities do not suffer an accidental injury. The minimization of risks and injuries is accomplished through planning, resource allocation, training, implementation of the training and policies, and ongoing monitoring and improvement.  Annual, area-specific training is mandatory for all personnel on all seven (7) Management Programs.

  1. Safety Management 
    1. POC: Safety Manager: (719-526-7371)
    2. This program identifies safety risks associated with providing services for patients, the performance of daily activities by staff, and the physical environment in which the services occur and plans and implements processes to minimize the likelihood of these risks causing incidents.
    3. Regulations
    4. d. Training- Annual area-specific training is required by all personnel to include military, civilian, volunteers, contractors, etc. Each section needs to insure training is conducted using the attached slides. Prior to the training, review slides and complete (fill in) area-specific information. Place a copy of the training outline and/or slides in the safety (or MSDS) book and list who conducted the training. Document training in the CAF.
  2. Security Management 
    1. POC: Security Manager: (719-526-7655) 
    2. This program manages the physical and personal security of patients, staff, and individuals coming in to our facilities. It also manages the security of the established environment, equipment, supplies, and information.
    3. SMP Security Management Plan 
  3. Hazardous Material and Waste Management 
    1. POC: Environmental Science Officer: (719-526-7922)
    2. This program identifies materials used that need special handling and implements processes to minimize the risks of their use and disposal.
    3. MEDDAC Reg 385-10-1:  Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Program 
  4. Emergency Management 
    1. POC: Security Manager: (719-526-7655)
    2. This program comprehensively describes our approach to emergencies (natural or manmade event that significantly disrupts the environment of care, care, treatment, and services, or that results in sudden changed demands for the facilities services) in the facilities or community.
    3. EMP Emergency Management Plan 
  5. Fire/Life Safety Management 
    1. POC: Safety Manager: (719-526-7371)
    2. This program manages the facilities to insure design, construction, maintenance, and operation minimize the possibility of a fire emergency requiring the evacuation of occupants.
    3. MEDDAC Reg 420-90 Fire Emergency and Prevention Plan
  6. Medical Equipment Management 
    1. POC: Biomedical Maintenance Branch: (719-526-7275) 
    2. This program insures medical equipment is appropriate for intended use, the staff are trained to use the equipment safely and effectively, and the equipment is maintained appropriately by qualified individuals.
    3. MEDDAC Reg 750-1:  Maintenance of Medical Equipment
  7. Utility Management 
    1. POC: C, Facilities Management Branch: (719-526-7864)
    2. This program establishes and maintains the utility systems to promote a safe, controlled, and comfortable environment for all. It ensures the operational reliability of utility systems, reduces the potential for organization-acquired illnesses to be transmitted through the utility systems, and assesses the reliability and minimizes potential risks of utility system failures.
    3. MEDDAC Reg 420-10:  Facility Support Systems and Maintenance of Buildings and Grounds.

If you have any questions or comments on Evans Army Community Hospital Safety issues, please call at 719-526-7371.


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