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 Referral Management

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Consult Tracking                      
RMC is the authorized point of entry for all consult reports.  Referral personnel close network referrals in the Composite
Health System (CHCS) by documenting the return of the consult reports from network providers.  RMC distributes
documentation either manually or electronically.

Network Appointing    (719)524-4224 or (719)524-5004
Network appointing facilitates consult report recovery by giving visibility of where and when patients are seen by TRICARE Network provider. Referral Specialists contact patients and assist making the network appointment via 3-way telephone
call with the network provider.

Referral Education
Clinics are assigned a Referral Specialist located in the RMC.  The Referral Specialists are functional referral experts
for assigned clinics.  The Referral Specialist identifies and researches issues, update, educate and assist clinic personnel
on referral processes.

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