Bomb Threat
Code Black (Bomb Threat)

In the event a bomb threat is received follow the below procedures.


  1. If the bomb threat is by phone, keep talking to the caller and attempt to get as much information as possible. On display phones write down the number that the call is coming from, the time, and date of the call.
  2. Fill out the Bomb Threat Call Checklist as soon as practical. Take exact notes. PTMS, Fire Department and the Military Police use this information.
  3. Ask the caller the exact location of the bomb (building, floor, room, etc.), the time the bomb is set to go off, the kind of bomb, the timing device. Note the caller's speech pattern, accent, lisp, distinguishing characteristics, and any background noises. Record all statements made by caller.
  4. Do not hang up your phone, even if the caller hangs up. Wait for the authorities to arrive. Use a different phone to call authorities.
  5. Immediately call *46 and then notify PTMS 526-7655 from a different phone than the one in which the threat was received. If possible, do not use the involved phone until authorized by authorities.
  6. MOC will be activated based on Commanderís guidance.

    a) Termination of Bomb Threat will be the responsibility of the Commander/MOC.

    b) Use only phones and public address systems to communicate.

    c) Close all rooms, hall and fire doors, windows, and cabinets in your area.

           DO NOT:  Attempt to handle, dismantle, or move any suspected objects.

           DO NOT:  Use paging systems/equipment, hand-held transmitters, or walkie-talkies.

           DO NOT:  Start evacuation procedures unless ordered to do so by MOC.

           DO: Seal off area and warn others.

    HOSPITAL: selected staff members from each department/service/section/division will conduct a thorough search of the entire area. Once you feel your area is clear, wait for the EACH Safety Officer, Security Officer, or Provost Marshal representative for further instructions.