Code Orange

Code Orange (Hazardous Materials Spill or Release)

Incidental Spill                                                                                                                                                                            Major Spill

Spill less than 5 gallons presenting a hazard to people or the environment                            Spill greater than 5 gallons presenting a hazard to people or the environment

1. Call *46, report location of hazardous material                                                                           1. Isolate the spill area (evacuate); deny entry to others; notify your supervisor, the MEDDAC Safety

2. User cleans up spill with appropriate personal protective equipment                                             Office & Environmental Health Office, (AOD after duty hours).

decontamination materials by consulting the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).                            2. Consult MSDS for decontamination and emergency procedures.

3. Turn in all clean up materials to MMB, ext 6-7507. Call the MEDDAC Safety                            3. Contact Facility Maintenance Contractor to request ventilation to be put in smoke control mode.

Office, & the Environmental Health Office (AOD after duty hours).                                                 4. Seek/coordinate medical treatment if necessary.

4. Complete Spill Report (FC Form 1200) and forward it to the Environmental                               5. Complete Spill Report (FC Form 1200) and forward to the Environmental Health Office with a

 Health Office with a copy to the MEDDAC Safety Office.                                                             copy to the MEDDAC Safety Office.