Severe Weather Policy

*During DUTY HOURS the Garrison Commander’s office is responsible for announcing weather warnings through command channels.
*Specific instructions concerning snow, tornado, severe thunderstorms, etc, will accompany alert notifications.
*During severe weather, events may cause hazardous conditions at work and while driving to and from work. The hospital may be required to expand services to maximum capability for unusual circumstances while continuing to support the normal workload. Safety and mission requirements are critical when determining which medical services will remain operational.
*On order, the EACH MOC stands up and assists the command group to disseminate information and coordinate tasking requirements. All Depts/Divs/Services/Activities will respond accordingly with status reports. Refer to EOP for specific instructions.
*Efforts to protect and secure patients, government equipment, supplies, and property have the highest priority.
*The following categories are considered mission-essential personnel:
       1. All military personnel.
       2. All physicians and physician assistants.
       3. All registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing  assistants.
       4. All Emergency Department Personnel.
       5. All ancillary personnel, as designated by the employee’s supervisor, needed to maintain the operation of EACH.
       6. Public Affairs Officer (PAO)
       7. Safety Manager
       8. Security Manager and Security Specialist
       9. Plans and Operations Officer
     10. Communications Room Personnel
     11. Other selected civilian personnel responsible for accomplishing medical operations, food service operations, maintenance operations and housekeeping duties as designated by the employee’s supervisor.
*Civilian personnel are not mission essential unless designated in writing by memo or job description.
*After patient staffing requirements have been met, non-essential personnel may be released by the Commander in coordination with Garrison Commander’s instructions. Mission essential personnel may receive different instructions.
*During NON DUTY HOURS and in the absence of chain-of-command instructions, follow radio and TV message announcements.
*Make all attempts to report to work consistent with local conditions and safety advisories.