1SG Welcome

 1.  Welcome to the Fort Carson, Colorado DENTAC and congratulations on your new assignment.  Colorado is a wonderful state with an abundance of activities to suit all interests.  I am sure you will enjoy your tour here.  The Fort Carson DENTAC consists of Headquarters, five dental clinics (DC#1, DC#2, Larsen, Smith and O.S.), an SRP site and a representative at the Welcome Center.

 2.  The Fort Carson Command Team is:

Senior Dental NCO: stays the same


Troop Commander: CPT Jessica Gidwani


DENTAC Commander: COL Michael Mahoney

 3.  I am pleased to serve as your sponsor.  Please take a moment to complete the DA Form 5434 and return back to me within five days of receiving this welcome letter. 

 4.  The following websites will also help to answer any questions you may have about the installation, lodging, relocating family members, schools, and the DENTAC. 



 5.  We look forward to having you as a member of the team and we are committed to assisting you during your transition.  Feel free to contact me or your selected sponsor at any time.  I can be reached at BB: 719-466-1712, Cell: 706-831-2631. Office: 719-526-8345 carlos.m.hernandez@amedd.army.mil.



 Welcome Letter

 Incoming Personnel

Command Team

 Dental Clinics

            Dental Clinic #1
            Dental Clinic #2
            Larson Clinic
            Oral Surgery
            Smith Clinic
            SRP Clinic

 Mission Statement

 Unit History

Civilian Personnel


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Welcome to the beautiful Mountain Post of Fort Carson Colorado