Commander's Welcome letter 

            Congratulations on your new assignment to the Fort Carson Dental Activity (DENTAC).  You will be an integral part of a dynamic, exciting, mission-oriented, and fun loving organization.  This is a great DENTAC that prides itself on excellent dental care, superb patient satisfaction, and the Army’s best dental readiness.  I’m sure that you will find this assignment to be rewarding and enjoyable -- we’re looking forward to having you join us here in Colorado Springs.

            Fort Carson is located just south of Colorado Springs in the shadow of Cheyenne Mountain and Pikes Peak.  Colorado Springs is a city of over 350,000 with many cultural and economic attractions.  This is a beautiful area with lots of opportunities.  This entire region is a playground for outdoor sports -- the best skiing in the world is just two hours away, and opportunities for camping, hiking, biking, fishing, and sight-seeing abound.

            Fort Carson (The Mountain Post) has approximately 24,000 Soldiers, with the majority being assigned to the 4th Infantry Division, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), and the 43rd Combat Support Battalion.  There is a spirit of unity and camaraderie on this post, and we are all members of the Commanding General’s Mountain Post Team.  Fort Carson is an energetic post where everyone contributes equally.  Major General David Perkins, the Commanding General of the 4th Infantry Division, emphasizes that all units play an equally important role on the Mountain Post Team.

            Colorado Springs is an outstanding place to live.  On-post quarters are limited in number and availability, and are relatively small.  Off-post apartment rentals are plentiful, and there are some homes for rent in the area.  Your sponsor can provide more specific information tailored to your particular housing needs.  Some of the finest school districts in the state are located in Colorado Springs.  All told, the quality of life in the area is excellent.

            Dental treatment facilities include two 28-chair clinics, two 24-chair clinics, a four-chair hospital clinic, and an eight-chair Soldier Readiness Processing Site are all relatively new and well equipped.  Three of these clinics have recently undergone extensive renovation and the fourth began renovation this fall.  We also have the finest military and civilian staff available. 

            We direct all our efforts toward patient care, considering both the military’s requirements for readiness and the quality of practice for health care providers.

            Additionally, we are very proud of our 12-Month Advanced General Dentistry Program.  Unlike many of these programs in the past, the AGD at Fort Carson is fully integrated into the Dental Activity.  Residents contribute to the readiness mission in all the clinics, and every dental officer in the unit has some opportunity for mentoring.  The influx of six residents each year adds vitality and challenge to our mission -- this program and its members are an important DENTAC asset.

            You may find the Fort Carson Dental Activity somewhat different from previous assignments.  We are fully integrating business process improvements into how we treat patients.  Patient satisfaction is paramount; all resources are directed toward quality patient care, and considerable attention is given to the individual. 

            Again, on behalf of the entire DENTAC, I welcome you to Ft. Carson and Colorado Springs!


                                                                              COL MICHAEL MAHONEY


                                                                              U.S. Army Dental Activity

                                                                              1631 Wetzel Avenue, Building 815

                                                                              Fort Carson, CO  80913-4096

                                                                              DSN 691-5400

                                                                              COMM (719) 526-5400
















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Welcome to the beautiful Mountain Post of Fort Carson Colorado