OIC: COL Thomas

Dental Clinic #2
Dental Clinic #2 is the newest clinic at Fort Carson, CO. and resides within the Soldier Family Care Center (SFCC). The clinic has 24 massaging chairs, a full dental laboratory, and state of the art instruments for Infection Control.  We have 8 radiographic machines that serve close to 8,000 soldiers with a total staff of 30 personnel.

Units Treated
10th Special Forces Group (SFG)
10th Combat Support Hospital (CSH)
1-4 Brigade (BDE) 4TH ID
Warrior Transition Unit (WTU)
1-2 Aviation (AVN)
602nd AQ TM
616th AQ TM
Contact Info
Front Desk: 719-503-7167
Hours:   0700-1600     

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 Dental Clinics

            Dental Clinic #1
            Dental Clinic #2
            Larson Clinic
            Oral Surgery
            Smith Clinic
            SRP Clinic

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Welcome to the beautiful Mountain Post of Fort Carson Colorado