Here is Relocation Information from Army Community Service.

Also see the City of Colorado Springs.

Medical Company Formation, Change of Command Ceremony (COL Bradshaw to COL McGaha), 12 July 2001 Fort Carson is 70 miles south of Denver on Interstate 25 (Exit 135), and 5 miles south of Colorado Springs on State Highway 115. For detailed driving directions try Expedia or MapQuest.

ENTERING FORT CARSON: Fort Carson is not an open post. If you are entering in your privately-owned vehicle which has not been registered, you must enter through the Main Gate (Gate 1). All incoming soldiers and civilian personnel are required to permanently register their vehicles, including motorcycles. To enter Fort Carson, you must have a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, proof of insurance and valid photographic identification. To permanently register your vehicle, you will also have to have to pass a Colorado emissions inspection, For more information on vehicle registration, during normal duty hours (0830 -1630 M-F) please call 524-1896. After duty hours, please call the MP desk at 526-2333. Please contact your unit or vehicle registration prior to arrival as policies are subject to change.

Colorado Springs AirportThe Colorado Springs Airport is ten miles northeast of Fort Carson. There is a Welcome Counter near baggage carousel 4. Free shuttle transportation to Fort Carson is available by calling 800-279-1151 or 526-2424. Commercial ground transportation is also available near carousel 4.


Click for Map of Fort Carson Cantonment Area Left: Map of Fort Carson (Click on the image for more detail). To travel to Fort Carson from the Colorado Springs Airport, follow the Airport Exit Road, which is Drennan Road. Turn left (south) on Academy Boulevard (Colorado Route 83). Stay on Academy Boulevard until it curves west and intersects Colorado Route 115. Go south on Route 115 about one mile to Gate 1, the Fort Carson main gate. Personnel without a military vehicle decal must enter through Gate 1 to obtain a temporary post pass. Follow the signs to the Welcome Center at the southeast corner of Wetzel and Ellis.




Colorado Inn Guest House Left, Below: The Fort Carson Colorado Inn Guest House in Building 7301 on Woodfill Road. To make a guest house reservation, call 526-4832 or send E-Mail. You may also call the Army Lodging Central Reservation Center at 800-462-7691. For other accommodations see the local Convention and Visitors Bureau, or try All service members must report to the Housing Referral Office in Building 7301, telephone 526-2323.

Colorado Inn Guest House

 For more housing information, see the Fort Carson Residential Communities Initiative (RCI), or call 226-2268. RCI has privatized post housing. It has built new housing for soldiers, and is renovating existing housing. Read more about the US Army Residential Communities Initiative.

Post Inprocessing

Fort Carson Welcome Center Left: Fort Carson Welcome Center. Report to the US Army Replacement Detachment and Fort Carson Welcome and Farewell Center, Building 1218, at the corner of Wetzel Avenue and Ellis Street, telephone 526-2424 or 800-279-1151. The Welcome Center is always open. It is not necessary to report in uniform. You will receive an inprocessing appointment after signing in. Bring your finance, dental, medical, and personnel records, your orders, and your DA-31 leave form. If your finance records are in order, you will receive your travel pay entitlements within five days of the first day of inprocessing.

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Welcome to the beautiful Mountain Post of Fort Carson Colorado