Patient Advocate

Patient Advocate


Patient Advocate Office offers the following services: wheelchairs while visiting the hospital; pharmacy stickers on IDs for hearing impaired patients; authorizations to pick up medications; referral tracking; Debt Collection Assistance Officers (DCAOs) to assist with debt collection due to unpaid medical bills; complaint and concern resolution; appointment coordination; beneficiary counseling for TRICARE, TRICARE for Life, TRICARE Reserve Select, Transitional Assistance Medical Program and MEDICARE patients: Customer Satisfaction training; and Newcomer’s Orientation for hospital staff. This office can provide general information about all hospital activities and assists with meeting all patient needs as required.


The hospital has a well defined process to address your concerns. All of the hospital staff are available and empowered to listen to your comments and take the necessary steps to resolve any issues you may have regarding your hospital experience. We encourage you to speak to members of your health care team or their supervisor about any issues you may have. A patient advocate can be reached by dialing 719-526-7225. Another option is to complete and submit an ICE (Interactive Customer Evaluation) comment card. These are green cards available in every clinic.


Evans Army Community Hospital continually strives to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding the rights of all disabled individuals. Tell your nurse if you need assistive devices or services.

If you or a visitor encounter any physical or communication barrier in the hospital or believe you have been denied access because of your disability, please call 719-526-7225.


If you would like to submit an ICE comment about your experience, please follow the steps below. Thank you for providing feedback.

Patient & Family Partnership Council (PFPC)


Patient and Family-Centered Care
Evans Army Community Hospital Patient Services Center
BLDG 7500 First Floor, Room 1011
Fort Carson, Colorado 80913

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Patient & Family Partnership Council (PFPC)?

A. It is a voice that represents patients and Families of patients who receive care at Evans Army Community Hospital (EACH) with the goal of improving the quality of our hospital’s care, providing patient experience feedback, help to plan changes to improve care, works with the hospital for either short or long-term commitments.

Q. Who can be a PFPC Advisor?

A. You can be an advisor if you are a DoD Beneficiary and you or a Family Member received care at EACH in the last 5 years. No special qualifications to be an advisor, what’s most important is your experience as a patient or Family Member. We will provide you any other training you need.

Q. Why should I become a PFPC Advisor?

A. When you or your Family Member was in the hospital, did you think there were things we could have done better? Do you have ideas about how to make sure other patients and Families get the best care possible? Be recognized by the Hospital Commander for your volunteer service!

Q. What does a PFPC Advisor Do?

A. Share your story. Participate in discussion groups. Review or help create educational materials. Work on short term projects.